I am currently an overweight electrical engineer. I’d like to change that…

There are many electronic devices on the market for tracking calories expenditure, heart rate, body fat, and other statistical measurements that are interesting and helpful while attempting to lose weight or throughout any fitness program. However, most if not all of these devices use propreitary data storage and transfer, interface, and analysis technologoies. Many also require an online account with the vendor in order to use the data tracking features. This has the undesirable effect of you, the consumer, freely providing the vendor with an incredible amount of personal data that can be and is mined for product development and advertising purposes. The consumer also is limited to use of the technology presented by the vendor at the cost of the vendor’s choosing. All this greatly limits, in an arbitrary way, the consumers use of the device and the data gathered.

My goals for the electricalme project are to:
1. Lose enough weight to land me within my “ideal” weight class.
2. Gain strength and stamina to better keep after my young children as they run circles around me.
3. Produce a useable, self-buildable, wearable body sensor and data aquisition system.
4. The electronic design and software for the system will be open source and have standard interfaces.


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