The best laid plans

So, I’ve been forced to log into my WordPress account to add my 2 cents to a WUWT article – and so – I now realize it’s been many months since I’ve done anything except change diapers and put kids to sleep for the night.  I guess the best laid plans – just plans at all – are not possible in my life at the moment.  However, hopefully, I will begin my fatness to fatless journey once more – and soon…

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Bravely Forward

Second post.  Whew! Usually I can’t get past the first. Progress…

Well, I’m onto my second day at the gym.  I’ve been compiling some statistics about my current condition.  I’d like to have my experiment as scientific as possible, but that will be hard.  Since I’m developing the knowledge and technology for the measurements along with the experiment, many of the observations at the beginning will be strictly invalid for scientific data.  I’ll record everything I can anyway.

I’ll post data when I figure out how best to display it…

Until then, current status:
Age:                               37
Height:                           5’9″
Weight:                          207 lbs
Resting Heart Rate:      88 bpm

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After weighing myself for the first time in a year, I realized that gaining 20lbs in 12 months is too much. This blog will serve as my personal diary and journey through weight loss and getting back on track with my life in general.

I am an out of work electrical engineer, who is currently raising three children. I have faced bouts of depression lately, and am seeking outlets for suppressed creativity. So, along with my weight loss program, I will be developing a wearable body sensor system. I will publish the details here as they materialize out of my disorganized thoughts.

All projects will be open source and open architecture. I will publish all schematics, drawings, and source code. If you like what you see, feel free to donate to the cause.

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